Family & Faith at Home

Family & Faith at Home

Hi everyone!


This is a weird time for families; we can't go out very often and lots of children are at home 24/7; parents are trying to work with kids running around and on top of that - Kids' Church is closed!


It can feel like a nightmare scenario, but it could be a real opportunity to allow God to build our faith as a family.




We'd like to share some ideas to help you encourage your children's spiritual life.

Some of the ideas are for parents who are desperately short of things for their children to do; other activities are especially for parents who are working and have little time to prepare stuff.


We’d also like to share some simple ways to 'create traditions' in the family’s rhythm of life. Family traditions build strong bonds between everyone in the family and also with God.


Each week we will offer one or two activities for the children and a 'family tradition'. You won’t be able to use them all, but we hope some of these will help your family feel part of something unique and special.

So, now for this week's ideas... Sunday 31st May - Saturday 6th June

Activities for the children

Read about the Great Commission and Jesus going up to heaven in Matthew 28 verses 16-20, Luke 24 verses 50-53, and then Acts 1 verses 8-11. Or listen to Jon reading it.


• What do you think about this story? Is it sad or happy? What did Jesus ask His friends to do at the beginning of the story?


• This is what God wants us to do as well. Make a list of the ways that we can tell other people about Jesus.


• Remember you are part of Jesus’ mission to the world. Print the certificate at the bottom of this page (click to download), decorate it and complete it with your own name.


• Watch Matt’s idea is travel all over the world to dance with lots of people. Jesus wants us to do the same, but not to dance but to tell people about his love & forgiveness.


• Do the geography quiz to check your knowledge of the world!

Colour in a world map, highlighting places significant to you, places you have family or friends. Pray for these people. Click on ‘World Colouring Map' (free to use but please follow terms and conditions listed on the website.) Copy Matthew 28:20 under your map.


Jesus_Commissions certificate.pdf
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A Family Tradition

“Remember today what you have learned about the Lord through your experiences with Him. It was you, not your children, who had these experiences” – Deuteronomy 11 v 2a.


True stories



‘The Great Realisation’ went viral on YouTube a few weeks’ ago. If you haven’t seen it, here is the link:


This pandemic poem has the feel of a fairy-tale, but is intended to be a documentary on the world before and after Coronavirus. The writer’s hope is that it will in fact become a true story by being told.


The Bible reminds us that our experiences of God have taught us so much about Him, things that our children have not had the opportunity to learn.


Reading children Bible stories is a crucial way to help develop them spiritually but so too is sharing our own stories of how the Lord has impacted our lives. Children are as interested, if not more so, by our real-life stories as they are by the ones they can read in books.


So why not introduce them to a few of your own? Pray about which stories from your own life with God will be most helpful and then go for it! You may be very surprised by the impact they have on your child’s own life with God.

 Help in Coronavirus time


The website Energize, from Urban Saints, which we use to plan kids’ church, is allowing free access to church parents during the Coronavirus period. If you would like to be sent a link to give you access, please email Michelle at You will find ideas for using at home with children up to 15+, even fun things to do on zoom sessions, videos to watch together and, above all, ideas for growing faith together at home.

We hope this week's ideas have inspired you; please let us know how you get on.


With love in the Lord Jesus,


Michelle Watkiss & Katie Clay (Kids' work) & Nick Swanson (Pastor)

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