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Family & Faith at Home

Family & Faith at Home

Hi everyone!


This is a weird time for families; we can't go out very often and lots of children are at home 24/7; parents are trying to work with kids running around and on top of that - Kids' Church is closed!


It can feel like a nightmare scenario, but it could be a real opportunity to allow God to build our faith as a family.




We'd like to share some ideas to help you encourage your children's spiritual life.

Some of the ideas are for parents who are desperately short of things for their children to do; other activities are especially for parents who are working and have little time to prepare stuff.


We’d also like to share some simple ways to 'create traditions' in the family’s rhythm of life. Family traditions build strong bonds between everyone in the family and also with God.


Each week we will offer one or two activities for the children and a 'family tradition'. You won’t be able to use them all, but we hope some of these will help your family feel part of something unique and special.

So, now for this week's ideas... Sunday 10th May - Saturday 16th May

Daily Bread

We all like a good loaf for our breakfast toast, our lunch time sandwiches or a comforting snack in the evening! Grown-ups have been spending more time than usual recently looking for bread and even flour to bake bread in the lockdown. Bread has always been important to God’s people.


Lydia has read us the story of how, in Exodus 16 the people of Israel complained to Moses and Aaron that they were starving in the desert. But God sent them meat each evening and bread from heaven each morning. He said that each family should gather just as much as they needed. They learned that God would provide just enough bread each day for each family. And God is the same today as He was then - we can trust Him for each day for what we need!


Things to chat about while you are sharing some toast or sandwiches this week:


Can you think of other stories involving bread in the bible?


• In the Lord’s prayer we say “Give us today our daily bread.” What might this mean for us? 


• Jesus said “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” Can you think what he meant by this?


Baking challenge


Have a go at baking your own bread! Here’s a fairly straightforward recipe


Help in Coronavirus time

The website of the Bible Reading Fellowship is definitely worth checking: also these links for those caring with youngsters with additional needs

We hope this week's ideas have inspired you; please let us know how you get on.


With love in the Lord Jesus,


Michelle Watkiss (Kids' Church) & Nick Swanson (Pastor)

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