At Whetstone Baptist Church we offer a number of groups, or 'ministries', for adults that aim to cater for a variety of needs and that provide a way of becoming connected with the church family.

These groups provide a way for everyone to explore faith, deepen their relationship with God, and share life together. The primary ministry is small groups, but, as you see below, there are other ways to connect as well. If you have an idea for a group that is not listed, then please do get in touch as we love to hear new suggestions.

Small groups, also known as home groups or house groups, are an essential part of church community life. They provide everyone with a more personal and informal setting in which to explore and deepen faith together, to grow closer to the Lord Jesus, to know him better and to love him more.


Our small groups typically comprise 8-12 people and meet every week or every two weeks in the evening. They provide a safe place where you can share the ups and downs of life, find help and prayer support, ask the difficult questions about your faith and start to discover your own God-given ministry. Small groups also provide an opportunity to make new friends, have fun and socialise together.

Jesus had his own small group - the 12 disciples. He cared for them, taught them and treated them as family. The early church too met in small groups in houses and it was there where they were spiritually fed, they prayed together, and encountered God in a very real way. In a society where there are so many broken homes and where people do not feel a sense of community - small groups offer an excellent place for people to feel they belong and to encounter God. Whether you are a Christian of many years, of just a few weeks, or whether you’re not sure if you believe or not, small groups are for you.


If you would like to find out more about small groups and about joining a group then please contact Rev. Nick Swanson HERE. Nick co-ordinates the small groups and can advise you of groups in your area.

We are a group of Christian retired men who have a desire to share our faith in practical and ordinary ways. We meet every two weeks on Tuesday from 2:45 to 4:00pm in the hall of our church building. The programme is varied with speakers and trips to places of interest in the locality. In addition in between we meet monthly for Healing Prayer at 2:00pm.


As part of a growing church community, we have an interest in all aspects of community life. The Men’s group is part of this growth. We'd love to meet you, particularly if you feel lonely; if you want to be involved; if you are new to the area and want to be involved in discussions and be a part of a group where men share their faith with men.

If you would like more information about the group, or the contact details of the group's coordinators, please contact the church office HERE.

Downloadable A4 leaflet
More information about the Re:tyred group - print one off and give it to a friend!
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To complement our men's group above, we also support the work of AXIS.


AXIS has been set up to create opportunities for men with faith and no faith to develop trusting relationships in which they:

  • Help, encourage and support one another
  • Equip and empower one another 
  • Serve one another 
  • Introduce one another to Christ
  • Grow in Christ-likeness
  • Tell others about Christ

More information can be found in their Facebook group, HERE.


The Alpha Course is a series of ten interactive sessions over ten weeks that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. These ten sessions comprise a free, delicious evening meal, a short talk, and then a small group discussion at the end where you can share your views, listen to others, and ask any question you like. There is no pressure, no charge, and no follow-up if you decide it is not for you. The Alpha Course is designed to encourage debate and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, honest and informal environment.


Please contact the church office HERE to find out when we're next running the course. 

Our Safe To Belong booklet is intended to help our church family to enable vulnerable adults to safely join in the life of the church. It is made up of a simple policy position that says what we think about the place of vulnerable adults in the community at large and, in particular, the community of the local church. Safe To Belong also tries to provide guidance on how our church family can best help vulnerable adults to feel at home when they come along to church, either for times of worship or for other activities. To read the booklet, please download the .pdf file opposite. For further information or talk with the church about our policies please contact us HERE.

Whetstone Baptist Church Safe to Belong Booklet
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Page last updated: 18th March 2016