Serving God, serving each other, and serving the local community

Person picks up a bag of groceries and a card outside a front door

Volunteers to help those in self-isolation 

Those in the community who are housebound would really benefit from a friendly face to help with their shopping and the collection of medical supplies.


Sign up as a community volunteer

You can join the volunteer network needed to help the wider community around Whetstone. You will be supported to offer help in a safe and practical way. Serving in this way is considered an essential activity, so the restrictions on travel do not apply.


Want to help, but can't go out?

If you are in isolation yourself why not volunteer to keep in touch with someone on their own who needs a daily call and a chat?


Call our office on 0116 286 3145 to volunteer as a community helper.

There are many opportunities and areas within church life to serve and get involved. Please take your time to prayerfully explore this part of the website and see if the Lord is calling to get involved in a particular area.