The pages of Scripture and the experience of the church throughout the centuries testify to the wonderful truth that our heavenly Father is an extravagant and generous God.

As Christians, we give our time, talents, gifts, and money joyfully in response to the generous heart of God so that more people can come to know this life-transforming relationship with Him.

Regular financial giving at WBC

Jesus said “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

When we commit to giving regularly to the church and to others there are many blessings we receive. We experience a wonderful and genuine sense of community as we play our part in what God is doing in this world.


Regular giving supports the various ministries in the church:

  • paying the wages of the our ministers and staff
  • supporting those who are experiencing financial difficulty
  • supporting home and international missions
  • maintenance and running of the buildings.

Regular financial giving at WBC can be given on any Sunday or through a Standing Order arrangement. Both can also include Gift Aid.


If you'd like more information on Gift Aid and its benefits to the church, please email with your query.


For more information on giving please email

Communion offering

At our communion services we also have an additional offering which is an opportunity to give extra for those within our church family who are currently struggling financially, so that they are provided for and loved.

Give by Gift Aid
Guidance notes and Gift Aid Declaration Form for those wishing (and able) to give under Gift Aid.
Gift Aid.pdf
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Giving to the building fund

By the grace of God we are in the process of constructing our new church building. Funds we've raised do far will give us a watertight shell and about half the internal area fitted out.


We need to keep raising funds to fit out the whole building.


You can give to the WBC building fund:

As well as giving sacrificially, the church family also runs many fundraising events specifically for the building fund.


If you have a fundraising idea, let us know.

WBC Building Fund Standing Order form
All the information you need to set up a standing order to give to the WBC Building Fund
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Special offerings

We have special one-off collections for specific causes. These may be offerings we arrange for organisations or missions we support, or it may be in response to national or international emergencies.

Tithe or offering?

During Old Testament times, before Christ, the people of God were required to tithe - to give 10% of their earnings to the Lord to demonstrate, amongst other things, their gratitude and thankfulness to God for providing for their every need.


We are now living in New Testament times, after the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, so this part of the Old Testament law no longer applies to us. Christians are under no obligation to tithe. Instead, what God invites us to do is set aside a portion of our income (which could be more or less than 10%) as an offering that we freely and joyfully give to God because of what Christ has done for us.


Over the years, as our circumstances change, what we offer to God will most likely change. This is perfectly fine since what God cares about is not the amount but the way in which the offering is given. What God values, what God desires, is that all this children give from a heart overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving to Him because of what He has done for us – such a heart gives generously, willingly, and cheerfully.