St. Peter said: “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administeringGod's grace in its various forms… so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ."

People notice those who are forgiving, merciful, gracious, sacrificial, loving and kind, because there is a lack of such things in this world. This causes them to examine the life-changing nature of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

There are many ways in everyday life – at work, school, or home – where we can serve others and administer God’s grace so that God may be praised through Jesus Christ. There are also many activities within church life that afford us these opportunities as well, both in serving the family of God and the community in which we live. St. Paul says this is our spiritual act of worship. Below are just some of the areas of church life where you can serve.

Administration & Finance

Church Secretary

Treasurer’s Team

Church Office

Sunday Help Desk

Children's Ministries


Kids' Church

Messy Church

Big Bang Club

Holiday Bible Club

Community Outreach

Foot Washing Team

Parent & Child

Contact the Elderly

Residential Homes

Inter-Action Community Service


Alpha Course Team

Men's Group


Premises Maintenance Team

Gardening Team

New Building Group


Sunday Welcome Team

Catering Team

Open House

Sunday Refreshments

Local and Overseas Mission

Mission Action Team

Pastoral Care

General Pastoral Team

Pastoral Visiting Team

Small Group Pastoral Leaders

Student Support

Small Group Leadership


Spiritual Growth

Teaching and Bible Study

Pastoral Care


Teaching & Training


Leadership Development


Worship Ministry





Leading Services


Creative Arts

Youth Ministries

Space Youth Social Team

For more information on all of these areas, to speak to a ministry leader, or to register your interest in serving in a particular part of church life, please contact the church office HERE.


Page last updated: 18th March 2016