Ben Wood

My Journey!


For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Ben.


Well, here goes…


I began my journey with God by going to church with my Nan every Sunday.  I was christened and then later went on to be confirmed. But, I lost my way when my dad passed away when I was ten years old but my mum continued to be strong.  She raised me to be who I am today and also became my best friend.


I used to do a lot of bad things which I regret tremendously.  I was going through a bad time with worth, jumping from job to job, feeling like I was always being used.  Then I found the position I’m currently in at Elmleigh.   


I worked there for a while and began talking with the girls in the office (who are all Christians) and in particular Julie Myers, who encouraged me to come back to church, only - with her this time.  I was a little apprehensive seeing as I had done some bad things previously.  I eventually summed up the courage to come back, which is where I met you lovely people.


I was introduced to some very influential people who helped strengthen my faith and subsequently had a huge impact on my life.  Bryan Gilbert’s Christmas Eve sermon last year, was the first I heard when I came to WBC.  It felt like Bryan’s message was being directed at me even though he knew nothing about me. This encouraged me to come back again.


Earlier this year I started attending the Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored courses led by Nick and Pam Brian.  I have met some lovely people on these courses and my faith and understanding have been strengthened greatly.


I came to Bryan’s final sermon which is where I gave my life to Jesus.  And, at the after-talks at Discipleship Explored, I felt I was ready to be baptised.  Well, as ready as I can be…


So, here I am declaring to you and to the Lord Almighty that Jesus saved my life because he died on the cross so that my sins would be forgiven.  He comforts me daily through my prayers and thoughts, knowing that he is always there for me and that he loves me and waiting for the day I return home.


Well, I think it might be time to get wet!!



Ben Wood

Baptised on 22 July 2018