Here I am!


I was brought up in a Christian household and attended church every Sunday, but it was more about seeing my friends than about anything else.


Then about three or four years ago at Soul Survivor, I started to think more about God and it was about this time that I started to truly believe. 


It is important to me that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead because it shows me that all my sins can be forgiven and I can have a relationship with Jesus and God.


Trusting in Jesus has helped me because he guides me in the right direction, and just praying to Jesus has helped me so much in the past I know it will in times to come.


I have had many experiences that have tested my faith but no matter how much I have been hurt through these different experiences, I know that I will be forgiven and I am not alone, because today on Sunday 10 June at 10.45am I have the rest of the youth and the congregation here and they are the biggest help to me.


In the future, I want to carry on using my gifts within the church.  Currently I help with the AV (church computer) with the Youth Worship group and Big Bang Club.


I know no matter what happens my friends and family here at church will always be important to me helping in my Christian life.


And that is why I am here today!!




Baptised on 10 June 2018