Jack Wheeler

I grew up in the church from an early age, as my mum would take me with her every Sunday.  I would always take part in Sunday school and other activities, but I didn’t fully understand what ‘being a Christian’ really meant or why people chose to believe in God.  I never really thought about church or anything Christian-related other than Sundays.  I didn’t feel over-enthusiastic about going to church.  It just became routine and I never looked into the matter anymore than what we had on the Sunday. 


When I was about seven years old, my mum bought a series of daily Bible study books from the Good Book Company.  From doing these Bible studies I learnt a lot, and enjoyed it and had fun with it at the same time.  I began to understand in more depth what it meant to be a Christian, and realised without God, we wouldn’t be here today.


In 2010 we left the church that we were at, seeking out a new one.  After visiting a couple of different churches in the local area we finally settled on WBC.  Though we were worried about the move, the people of Whetstone welcomed us warmly and we soon settled in.  The church really felt like one big family.  I started going to Sunday school again and became friends with pretty much everyone in the group in a matter of weeks.  From attending Sunday school every week, I could feel my knowledge and faith growing in God, and was understanding more and more about what it truly meant to be a follower of God.


In October 2011, at the age of nine, I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy – a neurological disorder which disrupts my sleep cycle, and can cause me to fall asleep at almost any given time.  I was placed at the more severe end of the spectrum, and it was extremely small chance that I would improve, if at all.  However, over the past four years of praying, and putting my faith in God, I’m pleased to say that my case has slowly, but surely, improved.


I was ten when I was doing my Bible study one evening.  That particular day was about becoming a Christian and accepting God into your life.  I was coming to the end of the session when it said: ‘If you think you are ready to do so, pray this prayer of commitment and ask God into your life’.  I felt like I was ready, so I prayed it:


     Dear God, I have done and said and thought things that are wrong.  I am really sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you for sending Jesus to die for me.  From now on, please help me to live as one of your friends, with you in charge.  Amen.

Over the next few months, I felt God at work in me more and more.  I would look to God for courage and support when I needed it most.  I felt as if I could just generally rely on him more.  And I felt he was always there with me, at all times, whether I felt happy or upset.


The fact that my Narcolepsy was gradually improving, and still is today, is just one example of God working in  my life, and it just shows what he can really do if you put your faith and trust in him.  As Mark says in his gospel: ‘All things are possible with God’.


I’m not entirely sure what the future hold for me, but as life goes on my faith in Christ continuously grows, and I continue to live my life for him, and that’s what brought me here today.


Thank you for letting me share my story with you of how I became a Christian.

Jack Wheeler

September 2015

Jack was baptised in the same service as his father, Simon. Read Simon's story here.