Liz Lander

So…….  Why am I getting baptised?


I grew up coming to WBC with my mum and my brothers and sisters.  I went through Sunday school but stopped coming to church at about the age of thirteen.


I think that coming to church as a child meant that I have always accepted God.  Even now my Christian faith starts with the fact that I believe this amazing world that we live in, with such intelligent life, couldn’t exist just by a multitude of chances.  I think it more likely, although still incomprehensible, that there is a creator; it’s not only this but the fact that God tells us he exists in the Bible that is the starting point of my faith.


I know that there are arguments for denying the existence of God or any truth in the Bible, unfortunately many people will choose to dismiss any aspect of faith before looking at the evidence.


I’m interested in the truth; I attended the Alpha course four years ago as my brother and sister were going along.  And, as dinner was included it meant I didn’t have to cook for myself on a Thursday evening!  The course explores the Christian faith; who wrote the bible; the evidence of Jesus; and the circumstances of his crucifixion and resurrection.  At the same time I read around the history and beliefs of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.


The Alpha course allowed me to explore the evidence of the Christian faith; I chose to believe the Bible despite my doubts.  Following Alpha, although I had a belief I did not have the commitment to follow Jesus.  I attended the Belonging course, which evolved into a housegroup.  I remember saying that I wouldn’t come every week; this was because I didn’t want ‘church’ to take up too much of my time.  However, I did start to come to church occasionally but I was really nervous even though I was familiar with the church.  I’m not sure that I would have continued to come to church had I not had the friends I’d made on Alpha and the contact with them at housegroup.


There wasn’t a particular moment when I decided I wanted to commit to following Jesus it was more that as I read the Bible I knew that it was the truth and that I should follow what it says.  Jesus was baptised and he commands us to do it; although I was scared of taking the decision as I was fearful of telling my friends and family that I was a Christian.  I know that if I am trying to follow Jesus I should do as he commands although this can be a challenge.


Being a Christian does not immunise us against difficult situations; I have faith in God and a life after death if we choose to accept Jesus.  This knowledge, the support of the Bible and the church can help us through difficult times.  Jesus says in John 14:14 that we may ask him for anything, indeed, most if not all of my friends and family here have been in my prayers because of difficult or happy times.  I’m thankful that I have had very few difficulties in my life; I am very happy and have been blessed in many ways.


I believe that trying to live a life like Jesus will make me a better and even happier person.  Galatians 4 describes the nature of the Holy Spirit; it says, The Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control.  There is no law against such things as these.  These are qualities that I want to have more of.  I ask that you don’t place too high

expectations on me.  I’m not perfect and I’m sure I’ll have to ask for God’s forgiveness many times in the future.


To be honest I’ve been scared of sharing my faith other than to say ‘I believe in God’.  Saying that I’m a Christian or that I go to church I thought would make people think I’m weird.  My lovely husband and siblings would say I’m weird anyway but that’s nothing to do with being a Christian!


So in short, I’m stood up here because I’ve chosen to believe that Jesus is the Son of God and I’ve chosen to follow him.


So thank you for being here to witness this important day for me.

Liz Lander

March 2015