Mary Jenney

As a young child I attended Sunday school at Enderby Church.  When I was ten we moved to Narborough, and I went with a new friend to All Saint’s Church where I was confirmed at thirteen.  It was a ‘High Church’ and we all went to confession.  I went to all three Sunday services and a weekly after-confirmation Guild.  In my late teens I lapsed but always believed there was a God out there but I didn’t have a relationship as such with him.


I married my husband, Peter, in July 1964 at All Saint’s Church.  We had three children, David, Carla and Sarah.  I lost my Pete after forty-eight happy years of marriage to cancer in January 2013 leading to a very low ebb in my life.  I am fortunate to have a very close and loving family including my granddaughters, Ella and Chloe, who along with good friends and my special neighbours, are always there for me.  Then my sister Maggie Woolley (who has been a member of this church for many years) suggested I go on the Alpha course with her.  From the first week I was surprised by how friendly and welcoming everyone was.  The teaching was very different to all I’d had at my previous church - it was learning to have an actual relationship with God. 


At the Alpha ‘Away Day’ at Nettle Hill I had my first experience of the Holy Spirit.  It was an amazing day for me.  This was the start of my journey and encounter with God.  I started attending church regularly and enjoyed the lively services and also the way I was welcomed.  After the Alpha course finished, I joined a small weekly housegroup where I’ve learnt a lot but know that I still have a lot more to learn.


Being baptised today is the next step in my journey, although I do feel that I am not worthy, but as I’ve been told, ‘none of us are’.


So, that’s it, here I am!


Mary Jenney

1st November 2015