Peter Hames

I believe in God

Hello, my name is Peter.


I was christened as a baby when I was very poorly and a lot of people prayed for me at this time.  Their prayers were answered though, as I am now twenty-eight years old!


Although these people had faith in God it is now time for me to say I believe in God and Jesus myself.


I like reading Bible stories of Jesus, but my favourite Bible story (and musical) is ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat’.  See photograph!


I live at home with my dogs, Floss, Fudge, and Bella and a tortoise called Precious who I love very much.  But Nick says God loves me even more than I love my pets and that means God must love me enormously!


I’ve decided to be baptised to show I want to love and serve Jesus forever!


Peter Hames

Baptised on 8th September 2019