Ruth Adams

‘Just do it!’


I grew up in a Christian family and have always known about God and Jesus.  We went to church every Sunday and church was always central to the activities we did in the week.  I can't remember a specific date for when I became a Christian but the church family was always important to me growing up.


After me and Ashley got married we wanted to find a church 'of our own'.  We tried out a few but knowing we weren't going to stay in the area we never really fully committed.


After we moved to Enderby we found WBC, came along and felt it was the right place for us to be.  The Alpha course was a reminder of everything being a Christian should be and our small group has been a real encouragement as we meet and share cake together.


A little while ago Nick came and did a talk on baptism.  It is not something I've been against but I think I've always been waiting for the right time or a sign that says 'be baptised'.  Nick taught us that we shouldn't delay being baptised and so I thought that I should probably just do it!


Ruth Adams

2 October 2016