Sam Watkiss

'God is definitely real'


I have always been going to church.  My sister, my mum, dad and I first went to Holy Trinity in town until I was about twelve.  And then we went to a local church to us. At about that time I started coming to the youth group here on a Sunday evening with Jamie. This was pretty good because I was able to have a group of friends throughout my early teens here that were also church goers. This helped me maintain hope and faith that God is real, even when at high school people often made me question my faith as a Christian.


Although, I still went to church basically because that was just the done thing on a Sunday morning, I was never really engaging in what is being said or what we were singing. I sat in those services and sometimes went out to a group if it was available.  But as I said, I was really just there because that’s what I had always done (Not that I didn’t enjoy parts of it, I just didn’t fully understand why I was there).


Then, when I was fifteen we moved to this church for various reasons one of which being how much I’d enjoyed the youth group as I had now been going for a few years. Here of course there is a lot of youth which is great, the band which we have formed and played in a few of the services has been amazing. Being directly involved with the church and actually really enjoying coming to church definitely helped me feel like I should be part of the church and had a reason for coming but I still didn’t really sort of feel like a ‘proper christian’ if there is such a thing?


Then, last summer I went to Soul Survivor with the older youth here, (which by the way is a camp for a few nights with a service twice a day with some amazing preachers from across the world and modern Christian worship music). These few days were truly special, the services twice a day were both two hours long but they didn’t feel it, (a two-hour service in a regular church may feel like an eternity!) but these were so inspiring and helped me no end with consolidating my faith.  During the last service of the camp we were given the opportunity to go up and give our lives to God, so I took the opportunity along with hundreds of others and we had prayer and worship. I decided to go up because of the service the evening before, a woman spoke about how as a Christian you can’t just ‘sit on the fence’, you need to fully go for it. So this was the first time that I got thinking seriously about getting baptised.


Also, this was sort of the first time that I’d, I guess, publicly shown that I was a Christian. So for me this was a huge step not only with my relationship with God, but actually mentally, I felt like I knew that this was what I needed to do.


So since then during church here it’s been just great, the worship and singing has meant more to me than ever and the sermons have been much more than a person at the front rambling on. I’ve really felt that God is definitely real and I need to stop holding back, as I don’t need to know the answers to every question I may have and so I should get baptised!


Sam Watkiss

Baptised 2 July 2017