Simon Wheeler

My first time in a church was being sent to Sunday school as a child (I think this was more for my parents’ benefit so they could have some peace and quiet) but as I grew older I dismissed the church and went my own way.


The next time I went to church was some years later when I started working for a Christian family and I attended church on several occasions with them but still I sat on the fence not realising what Jesus had done for me.  Many years later I met my wife, Jessica, who is a Christian and I came to church a few times with her and our two sons here at WBC.


In 2011 my son, Jack, was diagnosed with Narcolepsy and Cataplexy.  When Bryan Gilbert heard about this he asked if he could come to our house and pray for Jack’s healing.  Bryan and Chris Brown came round one evening and prayed for Jack and I joined in.  That evening I felt different but did not think too much of it or say anything about it.


On several occasions Bryan and Christ came round to pray for Jack and over time I could see Jack’s condition improving.  This is when I felt something stronger within me and I said a prayer.  The three of us prayed together and this was the start of my journey to finding God.

About a year later I came to another service which was about the new church building which also included the barbecue and service at the new site.  And, on that day something changed in me.  I spoke to Alex Clayton who sat and prayed with me after the service.  I could see now, that Bryan, Chris and Alex had been sent by God to steer me on the right path.  I connected with God for the first time.  All these years the Lord had been knocking on my door and I didn’t answer.  However, this time I opened the door and felt God’s presence in me.


I feel blessed that God has never given up on me despite my rejection over the years and know he is always there for me as I am for him.  He is always faithful to those who love him.  I still have a lot to learn and my faith is continually growing day by day and I turn to the Lord for courage and support for my future.


Last Sunday, Gary and Susan Anderson shared their story about the work they had done for BMS World Mission and said that they knew God has a plan.  I look back over my non-Christian years and I can see now that God always had a plan for me.  I just needed to place my trust in him.  I know that whatever I do in life is worth nothing unless I do it for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Let us pray:


     I thank you Lord for always being there and never giving up even though you are rejected by so many.  I pray that those people will also learn to love you as I have and open their hearts to you.  Thank you for Whetstone Baptist Church and the followers that you have brought together here to give so much inspiration and support to others.  Amen.


Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

Simon Wheeler
September 2015

Simon was baptised in the same service as his son, Jack. Read Jack's story here.