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Our dedicated prayer team pray confidentially for our church family, and also for people in our community.

If you have something that weighs heavily on your heart and mind and you would like someone to pray for you, please fill out the form.

This is a strictly confidential email account that only the prayer team can access. You can stay anonymous if you wish.

Want to talk to someone?

One of the prayer team can get in touch to pray with you. If you would prefer this, just say so in your message and give us a way to contact you.

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What can we pray for?

We can talk to God about anything and everything - our greatest joys, our deepest fears, our successes, our failures, our health or our sufferings. We can ask God to help us with major decisions in life, difficult relationships, healing from physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological injury, for wisdom, guidance, patience, love, grace, mercy, strength, courage and forgiveness. There is nothing that is off-the-table with God.


God always answers prayer

He is listening and he does answer. His timing and his answer might not necessarily be what we want, but it will be what we need, and it will be in accordance with His perfect plan for our life. As our heavenly Father, He knows what’s best for us, so whatever the outcome, we can be sure that our loving Father is with us in all things.