Sunday online worship

Whetstone Baptist Church (WBC) is a small part of the worldwide church community, we invite you to join us for worship.

While we're not able to be together in our church building, we're exploring new ways to worship using digital technology, and trying out worship in the open-air, while we can.

Live on the Lawn

Find out about our 'Live on the Lawn' Sunday afternoon worship.

Smartphone reflecting sparkling lights

Go to our YouTube worship channel to pick up our Sunday worship including all-age worship.


Visit Soundcloud to hear our latest Sunday messages, and other audio recordings from Whetstone Baptist Church.


Follow our Facebook page to find out about other ways we are keeping in touch and maintaining our prayer life and discipleship as a church family.

Sunday church at WBC (when we can meet again in our building)

View  of the church congregation and the worship band
10.45am Sunday service at WBC

What to expect at WBC's services

All our services have songs, prayer and teaching as the core of our worship. The Sunday services each have their own character to reflect and meet the needs of the wide range of people in our church community. We are served by teams of worship bands, and the music ranges from traditional hymns to contemporary worship songs.


Throughout the year we also have special all-age services to celebrate events such as Easter and Christmas.


You will be given a genuinely warm welcome at all our services.

Sunday service times


Our 9.00am service is often a quieter start to the day than the mid-morning service. Communion is shared once a month. The service is followed by tea and coffee in the church hall.


Our 10.45am service is livelier and busier and starts with all-age worship together before the children and young people leave for their own Kid's Church and young people's group. The sermon is usually a repeat of the 9am service. Communion is shared once a month. The service is followed by tea and coffee in the church hall.

Sunday Evenings


Our evening services are an opportunity for us to experience different ways of worshiping and being together. Themes can range from exploring a big question, or bible study with Q&As, using the time to pray together, a time of quiet reflection and healing, or spirit-filled praise at The Well.

See the themes and readings for Sunday services on our calendar.

Coffee, mugs, squash and biscuits
Tea and coffee are served at 10.15am and 12pm
Young couple and children enjoy playing instruments at a service
All ages enjoy the 10.45am service

Listen to our sermons on Soundcloud. Some of the messages are also accompanied by visual sketchnotes. See these in our blog on Wordpress.


Page last updated: 23 March 2020