The church is the gathered community of God

The global church is made up of every single person who believes in God and follows Jesus, regardless of who they are or where they are in the world. The church is the international community of faith that gathers locally to worship God, to engage with and listen to God (through Biblical teaching and prayer), and to support, love, guide and enoucourage one another in the faith.


This community of faith has always been diverse in culture and practice but united in its belief in Jesus, who is the head of the church. God reveals his will for all humankind through this sacred community and blesses it with the presence and power of his Holy Spirit. The church hasn't always got it right (as history shows), but it strives to be a people of truth, honesty, grace, love, integrity and peace - a people who reflect the holiness and love of God throughout the world (as history also shows).


Whetstone Baptist Church is a small part of this worldwide community, and one that would love to invite you to come along and meet us, to explore faith together if you're not yet a follower of Jesus, or to deepen faith if you are.

All of our services at Whetstone Baptist Church comprise songs, prayer, and teaching as the core of our worship, and then each service has its own slightly different way of doing these things in order to reflect and meet the different needs within the community at Whetstone. Throughout the year we also have special services to celebrate such important events as Easter, Christmas, and Harvest, amongst others. You will be given a genuinely warm welcome at all of these services.

Our 9:00am early morning service is a more traditional service and may include traditional hymns during our times of musical worship as well as contemporary songs. Once a month communion is shared. The service finishes by 10:00am and is followed by tea, coffee and fellowship in the church hall, to which everyone is welcome.

Our 10:45am service starts with everyone worshiping together before the children and young people leave for their own Kids' Church. Once a month communion is shared. The service finishes by 12:00pm and is followed by tea, coffee and fellowship in the church hall, to which everyone is welcome.

Every month our evening services comprise two or three regular services (depending on the month), and a Dwelling Place service. Once a month communion is served.

The Dwelling Place

The Dwelling Place is a more reflective meeting that aims to provide the space and time for you to dwell in the presence of God; a meeting where you have the freedom to join in as much or as little as you find helpful; a time for you to connect and engage with your Father God.

The message from the morning services, and the evening service, are made available via our SoundCloud streaming account and listened to all over the world. The SoundCloud widget is at the bottom of our homepage. There are also accompanying visual notes (sketchnotes) for some of the sermons which are available on our blog.


Page last updated: 18th March 2016